Your website is your most important tool to create a web presence – it’s the cornerstone of any web strategy. It is also the home page of your brand on the web, which can offer a site-by-site meeting for immediate facts, information, proposals, communities, and other facilities-online business cards. Your website is the center of your online office, business activity.
Does Website Marketing Make It so Important? Why is this key component of any online marketing strategy? Here are some reasons:
  • You control the page. A website is a place where you can fully express your brand and marketing message. Except for your thoughts and budgets, you are usually not limited to anything. It is also a definite source for accurate facts and information about your business and products.
  • It is a powerful tool. The website is not just a notification page: it can be a powerful marketing and business tool. For example, if you analyze any person’s data on your page, you may well know that you are interested in your offer, you can also include online stores, communities and other features. . You can also customize your website to show what your targeted market is actually looking at.
  • All roads go to your website. You will see in the map below, your website is a hub which is due to all your marketing strategies, and therefore, this is the final destination for every aspect of your online campaign.
  • Expecting you to be one. They are not likely to make an effort to find you. Today It is agreed that the connected audience has a harassment website with all the information you need. The day went for writing yellow pages (when it was online); You need a website that is easy to navigate and easy to navigate.
  • This is the online home page of your brand. Your website is part of the web which is fully dedicated to your brand and marketing message. It also works as a reference point for the customer, cooperative business and its employees. You can not only provide content, but you can also use it as a sale, point, social community and message board.
  • It is stable. Your social networking pages, ad campaigns, email newsletters will change, however, your website will always be located on the same web address (same web address). This is very important on the ever-changing web, especially for links to your content. Think about your website online about your physical office. When customers go to their office, they expect some services and facilities. The same principles can be applied to your website. for example:
Physical office :
Customers need to know where to go to the building.
The atmosphere should be clean and welcoming and professional and should not be seen clean.
If the customer has any questions then they can be answered by a home representative.
Customers browse their products.
The customer has a business card and booklet.
Customer buys.
Customers need to know what parts of your website they are.
The website should be designed according to good principles so that it is professional and easy to look at Reach and navigate.
If customers are looking for answers, they can find what they are looking for information on your site or they can reach the contact page of the website.
The customer browses your online catalog or service page.
Customers bookmark your page and sign up for email newsletters, follow you on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.
The customer uses his online store or online form to make a purchase.
As you can see, the website plays an integral role in standard business activities and can also offer direct office work in many ways. If your business is already online, then you should have a website; If you are thinking of transferring your business to the web, then it is your logical and best place to bring your plan lottery.
Your target market
Of course, today, every business can benefit from the creation of a website – the web’s own copper that can attract potential customers. However, before starting this process, you have to think about what is most suitable for your target market. Ask yourself:
  • Who makes the target market? Is it male or old, young or old?
  • Are they online? If not, then your website only needs the most basic features, if someone is looking for it. If yes, then you are sure your site is easily recognizable and more detailed.
  • What do they expect from the website? Information or interaction?
  • How are they capable? Advanced users or beginners?
  • How will they view your website? PC, Laptop or Cellphone?
Description sheet
Web development and design is a very complex process, often requiring input from many different parties and it takes a lot of time to do it. That is why it is important to plan and plan your website so that you can avoid problems with these problems and expensive mistakes. The standard industry approach is to make the specification sheet (sometimes referred to as the technical standard) as a detailed explanation.
How will the website be designed and built? There are two main types of specification sheets: design and technology.
This document can only be made by you, but it is usually made in consultation with your designer and developer. Specification sheets vary in detail, complexity and technical content. It is always good to remember many details, but do not worry too much about a specific technical dictionary; If you make clear what you want clearly, your developer will technically translate your requests for you.
Keep in mind that a specification sheet is a contract between you and your service provider, and when it comes to confusion or conflict twice, its purpose is to protect both sides. Always keep a copy of your specifications for yourself and ensure that all changes are approved by both parties. Excluding design and development in the hands of a technical person, the result is that the final product that works but does not have visual appeal or marketing logic. To make sure that your website is working, you should have a hand in the whole process, but it is good to see the exact message and dialogue.
Design details sheet
When a carmaker makes the concept of a new car, it creates a document that clearly shows how it looks from each angle and describes it: its colors, shapes, fittings, accessories, etc. Designers who make the website are doing the same thing. Design specification sheets generally include:
  • Total goals of the website – the purpose you want to get on your page
  • For design delivery – do you need website design only or do you also need a new corporate identity, logo or other factors?
  • A list of your essential pages
  • Personal page layouts (navigation bar, links, headers, and palettes, etc.)
  • The structure of the entire website (the pages that are linked to each other, how many subdivisions, etc.)
  • Site Content and Search Engine Optimization Strategy
Details of colors and visual design elements (such as logos, patterns, backgrounds, pictures, etc.)
  • Fonts, Text Styles and Headers
  • The functionality of pages (in other words, what each page will do)
  • The desired user experience (which will take a normal user visit to the site for their travel purposes)
  • Timelines, time requirements and budgets
Technical Details Sheet
The technical statement sheet is a document that will highlight the technical programming aspects of your web page to your web developer. Developers are used as a working document and you do not need to understand all the complex information and vocabulary. The technical details sheet usually includes:
  • Type of programming language
  • Where the website is hosted (on its own server, local server or international server)
  • What is the website’s domain (web address) (for example,
  • What type of content management system is used (programs by which your page content is connected, replaced and updated – also referred to as “back end” of the site)
  • What security, if any
  • What-to-back functionality on your website (for example, how your online form has been coded)
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