Social marketing is not just public service announcement, focus group or latest internet device. These people help to adopt behaviors that make them healthy or happy. It’s about making a positive social change and making the world a better place.

Using similar effective marketing tools used by companies like Reliance and TATA, social marketers urge them to take action to change the person. Even if you are a non-profit or public agency or a professional businesswoman who want to do global business, you need to understand and understand your audience’s needs, needs and wishes, from your audience to understand social audiences. Can be connected.

What is Social Marketing?

There are not many in the nonprofit world, no more marketing and more. On government agencies, marketing can be primarily about public services. But by using social marketing methods, you can promote the effectiveness of those programs and activities that have resulted in your organization being in the first place.

Social marketing uses the same marketing and commercial marketing techniques, but its aim is to bring positive health and social change. Rather than focusing on increased sales or wealth as a result of the end result, the change in the behavior of social marketing is a change in social marketing. What is the number of people who tested prostate cancer? People can now put their soda cans and plastic bottles in the recycling bin instead of waste? Is the youth getting more exercise? Social marketing, as described here, is different from the use of bloggers and social media marketers by more recent words, so that peer-to-peer or social network marketing can be labeled. The area of ​​social marketing has been around for almost a century, to deal with problems of the world, obesity, pollution, diagnosis of breast cancer, cholesterol, tobacco prevention, urban participation and more.

Social marketing mix

When social marketers develop the functions of the program, you have to think of marketing factors similar to professional marketers. However, in order to see the unique forms of the products and products we use, we need to adjust some social marketing mix.

The production

Social marketing is not usually a solid product, although it can be (like condoms). Generally, social marketers are trying to sell a particular behavior. If you are running a life-saving or life-enhancing practice, often social marketing behavior is what people do especially to get more fiber, water, exercise, colonoscopy.

To solve this problem, use the same effective tools to promote product benefits based on the original values ​​of the target audience, to show them how to use the product.


During adopting products, economic value can be, more important consideration is social and emotional cost. This can cause behavior, time, embarrassment, lack of enjoyment of things, fear of medical problems or social loss. Here’s a strategic point of how to reduce costs as much as possible and how to make the behavior easier and easier.


How do you make a product? In other words, when and where can people deal? Aperture’s concept is relevant here; As you take a picture, the camera lens opens the light and closes it immediately, so that your messages get a chance to reach the desired audience at a point and they can work there. Your potential participants will not be out of your way to reach your messages – you will have to give them an opportunity to easily know about the area and behave where you go.


The marketing approaches for marketing of social marketing by business marketing are not different. However, there may be a significant difference in the type of target audience addressed by social marketing programs. There are not many types of customers for whom profit margins will be considered; Their low earnings, unable to speak English, find difficult, and / or may be interested in making any changes in their lives. Our producers may need to be very creative in ways to promote such products, such as homeless, illegal travel agents or drug users. And due to the challenges due to social networking problems, I have added three more PSs in the mix.


Think of all the people who influence the success of the program and are most effective in planning social marketing campaigns. In this, external publisher-targeted audiences, groups that influence target audience, policy makers, media and others outside the organization. Equally important, non-profit social marketers must incorporate their development and preparation to implement the program. These are people of your organization – all people in your circle of your members and management personnel who approve their plans need to know what the respondent should do when the receptionist should respond and the campaign’s response Should answer.


Many social marketing problems are so big that an organization can not

Address them alone. Potential partners include organizations (other benefits, government agencies, and businesses) who have one or more attributes: Equal goals for you, reaching a target audience, reliability of target audience, sponsorship of your program or interest, your organization’s capabilities Fill the difference between


The government or organizational strategy can act as a catalyst for a major social change. When policies are placed at places that provide support for a specific behavior, then that behavior is more likely to change. For example, nonmoscoding policies on the workplace silence others who smoker and make it easy by ensuring that they do not remove those social indicators for smoking.

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